The withdrawal of Mediago: the rescue plan presented to Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon by a group from Quebec

The withdrawal of Mediago: the rescue plan presented to Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon by a group from Quebec

The Ministry of Economy has received a rescue plan to save Medicago. Several partners, including Laval University, want to open a scientific center in the company’s infrastructure in Beauport, confirmed Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon.

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The Ministry of the Economy of Quebec and that of Canadian Innovation received the program from the CHU Research Center of the University of Quebec-Laval, the National Institute of Ophthalmology, the University of Laval and International Quebec.

“It is clear that we will have to create some NPO. I want the city to be involved, I would like the university to be involved. The Quebec investigation, that’s the procedure,” Economy Minister Pierre Fitzbiggon said, maintaining that he was “confident” somewhat, but that “it will not be easy. “

“To see Medigo continue as it is today, that’s not going to happen. It’s going to be a little bit of Mediago. There are researchers there, who are qualified. It has an API [structure commerciale] quality. So we will probably have a more modest version,” Minister Fitzbiggon said.

“The building can be used for other purposes, but we want to create a kind of medical center. We talked about it a lot with the former mayor and Mayor Bruno Marchand. He can help us (…) We are looking with the City, we are looking with CHUL, we are looking with other players, too. It’s complicated,” he explained.

A lot of work

Last February, Mitsubishi Chemical Group announced its decision to liquidate the company, which has its headquarters in Quebec City, and liquidate the company in Canada and the United States.

Since then, Quebec and its partners have wanted to save the technology, the existing laboratories and find the purpose of the new building that is being built.

“There are several things happening at the same time. The federal government is in talks with Mitsubishi. We are also in the building,” said Pierre Fitzgibbon.

It will be up to the Japanese company to have the last word. “They owe us money (…) We have a good relationship with Mitsubishi. I think they want to do things the right way and it would be sad to see that all go away. We are working hard.”

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