They couldn’t steal Renault, they stole Volvo.  It ended with a rollover

They couldn’t steal Renault, they stole Volvo. It ended with a rollover

An officer on duty at the Suwałki Police Headquarters received a report of a car overturn in the Raczki district. On the road between Bakaniuk and Franciszków, the police saw a Volvo passenger car on its roof. There was no one in the car.

The uniform quickly identified the owner of the car. It turned out to be a resident of Suwałki poviat, who did not even notice the disappearance of the car. In addition, it emerged that a person parked in the Renault garage was also trying to leave, but was blocked by a concrete pillar. On the same day, uniforms selected people related to these events.

First, two 18-year-olds fell into the hands of uniforms. It became the inhabitants of the communities of Filipów and Szypliszki. In addition, the uniforms found that two 16-year-old children were also related to these events. The youths were also arrested by the police.

Adult thieves have already heard accusations of trying to steal a car and steal another car. They are threatened with imprisonment of up to 10 years, because they are also suspected of attempted robbery and assault in one of the local government facilities in Filipów. This incident happened a few months ago. The men then tried to enter the building. They damaged the front door, causing a loss of 5,000 zlotys.

The case of the 16-year-olds will be handled by the family court.