They go off the road and end up in the creek at the bottom of the bank

They go off the road and end up in the creek at the bottom of the bank

me safe and almost invulnerable two men aged 45 and 72 in a Hyundai Tucson who ended up on the road today at 1.40 pm in Mortara. near the abbey of Sant’Albino. Their car left the roundabout of the Vittoria park and headed for the next roundabout of the shopping centre, when, at the top of the church. they lost control and left the road right side. At that point the escarpment is at least five or six meters high.

The location of the accident and the recovery of the car

After walking steep stretch they rushed to the lock bridge on the Plezza cable they turned inside Arbogne torrent, which in that stretch runs parallel to the Plezza. Vegetation and shallow water (and certainly buckled seat belts) allowed two to get out almost unscathed from the car. Vehicle condition, polished lock handrail and the difference in the height from which they fell leaves traces of a significant accident, which fortunately was resolved without serious injury.

Mortara Red Cross Intervention

The two have been he has been hospitalized by the Mortara Red Cross in the emergency room of the Beato Matteo hospital in Vigevano on the green number. To restore the carafternoon to 18, sAnas vehicles, a crane truck and a rescue truck were involved. The accident was discovered by Pavia Polstrada.