This is how you can charge a Tesla Supercharger for other cars

This is how you can charge a Tesla Supercharger for other cars

A step-by-step plan for charging non-Tesla and Supercharger

Did you know that you can also charge with Tesla’s fast chargers if you don’t have Tesla? In the experiment, the company opened its charging centers in the Netherlands, France, Norway, the United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland. We tell you how to charge an electric car except Tesla on these so-called ‘Supercharger’. That’s not difficult, but you have to consider a few things.

What electric cars can I charge for Tesla?

Basically, you can charge all electric vehicles with a CCS connection at Tesla. Today, most EVs have similar connections. Except for that law is Nissan Leaf, which has a relationship called CHAdeMO. You can’t charge with that for Tesla. Plug-in hybrids also often do not have a CCS connection.

You should pay close attention to where your car’s charging port is located. With Tesla you put the cable in the back left of the car, so the Supercharger is designed for that purpose. If you are standing in front of the Supercharger, you must park on the left side of the column at all times. If your car’s charging port is located in the same location as the left rear, you may find the problem that Tesla charging cables are too short. In any case, do not park outside the box if you cannot easily connect the cable to your car. After all, you are blocking other payment centers.

What can I do to charge Tesla without Tesla?

Fortunately, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to use Supercharger without Tesla. First and foremost, it is important to download the Tesla app on your smartphone. Then you need to create an account. There are (still?) No costs involved, you just need to enter your first and last name, your email address and password when registering.

After creating a Tesla account, you will see a large restriction on the software and text ‘Your non-Tesla Charging’. That touch will summarize a map showing nearby nearby Supercharger non-Tesla. The app also specifies the maximum charging speed of each Supercharja and you can see how many chargers are still available.

NB: If you would like to use the Tesla Supercharger for long trips, check out the Tesla app before driving to see if the Supercharger on your route is also open to all electric vehicles. That is not the case in all cases.

Start the payment process

To start the payment process, you must first connect your vehicle to one of the payment terminals. Then open the Tesla app and select the Supercharger location where you are now on the summary map. You will then see a small menu that contains, among other things, the current payment price. At the bottom of that sub-menu are the charging station numbers. Select the charging station number that you have connected to your vehicle; which is located outside the charging station.

When you load for the first time, the app will ask you to add a payment method. You can pay by credit card or directly through your bank account number with direct payment authority. After entering the data, you can click ‘start charging’ after selecting the appropriate charging station on your phone. Then the meter will start running. Do you have enough energy and would like to cut the connection again? Then select ‘stop charging’ on your phone to end the charging period. Then disconnect the cable from the vehicle and return it to the charging station.

What does it cost to charge Supercharger?

The cost of charging a non-Tesla on a Supercharger varies from € 0.70 to € 0.75 per kWh, depending on where you charge. If you charge Tesla more often, or if you plan to do so, you can take a subscription of € 12.99 per month which reduces your payment rate to around € 0.45 per kWh. This results in a rescue of between € 0.25 and € 0.30 per kWh fast.

In fact, for most EV drivers, registration pays if you charge at least 50 kWh per month for Tesla. Depending on the size of your battery, this is the equivalent of one or two full charge per month. If you use the Supercharger only a few times a year or if you would like to have it as a duplicate, then it is best not to take a subscription.

NB: Do not leave your car connected to the Supercharger when the battery is fully charged. Tesla charges a ‘non-working fee’ if the Supercharger station is used for at least half: € 1 for each extra minute you stay after the charging is completed. Gently, because if you remove the car within five minutes after charging, Tesla will deduct the cost. Be especially careful if all chargers are charged: then the inactivity fee doubles up to € 2 per minute!

Background of the pilot project

Tesla first unveiled its Supercharger for non-Teslas in November last year. In its own words, the company does this to ‘encourage more motorists to switch to electricity’. Dutch superchargers were the first to be released, followed by Supercharger in France and Norway. Tesla also recently unveiled Supercharger numbers in the UK, Spain, Sweden, Belgium and Austria for all electric vehicles. Recently, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland were added. So now, even if you don’t drive Tesla, you have good access to Europe and a fast charging network of American car manufacturer.

Tesla says emphatically that unlocking the Supercharger for non-Tesla phones is still in the pilot stage. A large automotive company wants to monitor the flow of chargers and gather feedback from consumers before most countries follow suit. The goal is to finally unlock all Supercharger in the world for all electric vehicles. It is hoped that in a short time you will be able to contact Tesla with a full battery, even if you do not have Tesla in most countries.

What else you need to know

Charging in Tesla is easy for non-Tesla owners, provided the project will take into account the above points. The app also provides clear instructions on how charging works. If your vehicle cannot charge a Tesla Supercharger, please contact the American car manufacturer’s customer service.