This is the Cupra Terramar.  This is what the new SUV looks like.  Will it be a hit?

This is the Cupra Terramar. This is what the new SUV looks like. Will it be a hit?

Hungarian production, Spanish temperament: this is the new Cupra SUV

PamiÄ™tacie hasÅ‚o “German accuracy, Spanish mode”? It is quite appropriate here, because the team from Wolfsburg is responsible for the design of the Terramar prototype, the car will be produced in Hungary, but the people from Cupra swear that the Spanish character will also be present here. Well, I wish there was more to it than this German accuracy, which is not always as accurate as one would like. Seriously, this The project looks interesting and it is possible that Terramar will carve out some market share for itself.

Wayne Griffiths, CEO of the Seat and Cupra brands, describes the new one as a combination of “emotion and performance and electrification”. The model will compete in a difficult segment, but representatives of the Spanish brand and decision-makers from Wolfsburg hope that the Terramar will penetrate the consciousness of customers, among others. thanks to the attractive style. And of course, in the first photos available, the new SUV looks good, but it also immediately shows that we are dealing with a product from VAG,

New Cupra Terramar: what engine?

Terramar it will be available with 1.5 and 2.0 petrol enginesand also with two types of hybrid car: plugin oraz kali-hybrid. The PHEV version will receive a capable battery 19.7 kWhoptionally, customers will have the opportunity to choose all wheel driveand as usual the car will have a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

Hungarian production, Spanish status: this is the new Cupra SUV material / Press

– SUVs have been dominating the car market in Europe for several years. Due to the great popularity of this version of the body among drivers, the next Cupra Terramar is the most promising debut of the year. More importantly, this model, featuring an advanced hybrid drivetrain, is another step towards fulfilling Cupra’s electrified portfolio commitment by 2030. – says Daria Zielaskiewicz, director of the Seat and Cupra brands.

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