This woman converted a Porsche so that her mastiff had enough room

This woman converted a Porsche so that her mastiff had enough room

A few months ago, Jutta Groß from Stuttgart had no experience with dogs. Now he is very familiar with the fur nose, he knows a lot about the right food, BARF and tick protection. She had to get this knowledge when she and her husband decided to adopt the Great Dane Runa. Bitch, who was still young at the time, lived with a family that was expecting children and therefore wanted to give a mastiff.

The family already had two children. With three children and a mastiff, which would soon be big, the young mother would have been overwhelmed, said Jutta Groß in an interview with Deine Fauna. Because Jutta’s husband is a Great Dane fan, the couple decided to adopt seven-month-old Runa from the family. At the time, the Stuttgart native had no experience with dogs. So Jutta tackled the basics of dog training quickly and quickly got used to Runa.

Head of the Dane Runa comes Jutta Groß

Today, the Great Dane is 15 months old and has grown into an absolute colossus. The size of the fur nose is not really a problem. Complete obedience played a big role in Jutta’s upbringing from the beginning. After all, he has six grandchildren between the ages of 1.5 and 12 who should play with the mastiff without fear. Thanks to his efforts, Runa now listens to every word and has become a favorite player of the grandchildren.

Photo: Jutta Gross

Runa does not fit on a Porsche

But there was still a problem with the size of the dog. At some point, it no longer fit into its owner’s Porsche Cayman. Jutta loves her two sports chairs, which she likes to take Runa on trips with. But over time, the Great Dane grew too big for the passenger seat. Because Jutta wanted to combine her love for her dog with her car, she made a logical decision.

The Porsche passenger seat had to come out. He quickly removed the leather seat and stored it in the garage. Instead, he placed a special mattress there so that Runa could also be comfortable on the journey. Both are completely happy with the solution and look forward to their future adventures in the sports car. There will definitely be a lot of them, because Runa loves to travel.

Jutta and Great Dane Runa.
Photo: Jutta Gross

Porsche Mastiff on TV

Unfortunately, the Great Dane Runa is completely unknown in Germany. In one episode of the crime series “SOKO Stuttgart” he played the neighbor’s dog and had to walk up and down the street for hours without barking. There is no problem with Runa, after all he has been brought well. As a gift, there was also a picture with TV star Peter Ketnath, who plays the chief inspector in the series.

The show will air in February 2023. Until then, Jutta and Runa are guaranteed to have more adventures in the Porsche and embark on a new journey. Anyone who would like to follow a Great Dane on their travels can do so Runa’s Instagram account do it. There, caretaker Jutta continues to upload photos and videos of the Great Dane.