Trentino: Andrea Adamo (KTM) on pole / MX2 Motocross World Championship

Trentino: Andrea Adamo (KTM) on pole / MX2 Motocross World Championship

Defending MX2 champion Andrea Adamo (Red Bull KTM) won the qualifying race for the Trentino Grand Prix in Pietramurata ahead of fellow Belgians Liam Everts and Simon Längenfelder.

MX2 Qualifying race for ChiefPrice of Trentino in Pietramurata (Italy): The Belgian Red Bull KTM Factory driver Sacha Cohen he pulled out and led the half-distance race ahead of his teammate and defending champion Andrea Adamo and. Adamo he closed the gap and sat down Sacha negative pressure. The Belgian was able to do great things Three times behind The way of the hole do not take full and lost and Combination 2+1 when, in order Adamo he was able to attack from the outside in the following right-hand bend and take the lead. Sacha he lost his balance, fell to the ground and fell to the end of the race P8 behind.

Husqvarna– Work driver Lucas Cohen listed in the first few rounds P7 and suddenly fell behind in lap 5. He seemed to twist his leg or had a technical problem and had to retire the race without points.

Adamo he continued to lead the race, but fell behind Liam Everts (KTM) after that of P4 he had started running. In the end, the Belgian ran out of time and had to settle for second place, 0.4 seconds behind.

German GASGAS factory driver Simon Längenfelder started in the area of P6 and fought his way to the end P3 ahead. The second German founder, Jan Krug (Husqvarna) to achieve the goal P31

MX2 Qualification Race Chief Price of Trentino:

1. Andrew Adamo (me), KTM
2. Liam Everts (B), KTM
3. Simon Längenfelder (D), GASGAS
4. Michael Hair up (Dr), Victory
5. Rick Elzinga (NL), Yamaha
6. Kay de Wolf (NL), Husqvarna
7. Marc-Antoine Rossi (I), YEAR
8. Sacha Cohen (B), KTM
9. Thibault They are in good health (F), Yamaha
10. Camden McLellan (FOR), Victory

31. Jan Krug (D), Husqvarna

34. (DNF) Lucas Cohen (B), Husqvarna

MX2 World Cup Status:

1. Kay de Wolf (NL), Husqvarna175 points
2. Simon Längenfelder (D), GASGAS, 149, (-26)
3. Lucas Cohen (B), Husqvarna124, (-51)
4. Andrew Adamo (me), KTM110 (-65)
5. Thibault They are in good health (F), Yamaha108, (-67)
6. Michael Hair up (Dr), Victory, 103, (-72)
7. Camden McLellan (FOR), Victory, 96, (-79)
8. Liam Everts (B), KTM, 86; (-89)
9. Marc-Antoine Rossi (F), GASGAS, 84, (-91)
10. Rick Elzinga (NL), Yamaha84 (-91)