Victory: Second podium at the Third Grand Prix / Motocross MX2 Championship

Victory: Second podium at the Third Grand Prix / Motocross MX2 Championship

Camden McLellan reached the World Championship podium for the first time in his career at Riola Sardo. MX2 debutant Triumph stood on the podium for the second time at the third Grand Prix of the season and endured another baptism of fire.

Triumph arrived on the stage with their factory rider from Denmark Mikkel Haarup at the opening of the World Cup in Argentina. The British stood on the sands of Sardinia WM-Rookies now on stage again. This time with South Africa’s Camden McLellan. Although they have benefited McLellan due to Red Bull’s disqualification KTM The active rider Andrea Adamo in the second race, but the new motorcycle was still able to surprisingly show that it is perfectly competitive even under the most difficult conditions, such as 30 degrees temperature in the deep sand.

Conditions as in Riola Sardinian represent the ultimate hardness test for the material: in particular MX2 Engines are almost always running at full load. Coolants clog with sand, which makes problematic cooling more difficult at high temperatures.

So overheating problems are not common, especially in the sand. The Yamaha and Benoit Paturel exploded inside Riola Sardinian at the end of the second MXGP Racing and then sleep on the track, overheated and smoking, when the driver got to safety.

Go back to MX2Run: Issued in the first run McLellan up P3 he gave a very strong performance, marking the best result of his work. With a result of 3-5 he was on the first straight at the end of the day Grand-Prix-Podium.

Two podiums in 3 Grand Prix It is definitely an interesting record for the newcomer. The World Cup starts next weekend Arco in their fourth round, where different circumstances will prevail again. In the manufacturer’s position, Triumph ranks fourth after three World Championship races, behind the brand Pierer-Mobility AG, HusqvarnaGASGAS and KTM and in front of Japanese manufacturers YamahaKawasaki and Honda.

Manufacturer’s rating MX2 after 3 out of 20 Events:

1. Husqvarna174 points
2. GASGAS, 141, (-33)
3. KTM131, (-43)
4. Victory, 117, (-57)
5. Yamaha110, (-64)
6. Kawasaki, 54, (-120)
7. Honda, 47, (-127)
8. Strange34, (-140)