Watch Tesla Model 3 On 10-Foot Wheels Drive Upside Down

Watch Tesla Model 3 On 10-Foot Wheels Drive Upside Down

Tesla’s Model 3 has become renowned for its cutting-edge engineering and innovative design. Yet, the company recently demonstrated one of its most astounding feats of engineering–driving the car upside down on 10-foot wheels.

The feat was achieved in a demonstration video released by Tesla, which features the electric car navigating an elaborate, upside-down track. The vehicle is seen driving on large, 10-foot wheels, with the car’s body suspended above the track.

The track is constructed of a complex system of pulleys, allowing the car to remain stable as it drives upside down. The car is equipped with a set of special tires that are designed to grip the track, ensuring that the vehicle does not slip.

The demonstration video also shows the Model 3 traversing a variety of obstacles, including a loop-the-loop and a series of sharp turns. The car is seen navigating these obstacles with ease, highlighting the impressive performance of the vehicle.

To ensure the safety of the vehicle, the track is equipped with a series of cushioned mats that absorb the impact of any falls. In the event of a power outage, the car is also equipped with a backup battery that allows it to continue driving.

The demonstration highlights the immense capabilities of the Tesla Model 3, demonstrating the car’s ability to handle challenging terrain and hazardous conditions. It is an impressive feat of engineering that showcases the advanced technology of the vehicle.