Where to watch Little Fish and the Jackal in streaming (also free)

Where to watch Little Fish and the Jackal in streaming (also free)

In the sui generis creative work environment that follows second-rate advertising campaigns, or so-called small fish, all sorts of things happen. THE Fox they handle it in their own way Small fisha small telecommunications company in the Neapolitan suburbs, which as the subtitles say means dealing with** Agent. Lots of ideas. Small budget**.

The idea of Small fish

The group enjoys expressing itself (they were also small fish, in fact, “we are still there”, he insists Fabio Balsamo), the dynamics within a team of friends who try to find their imaginations, their goliath traditions and surreal moments to overcome personal and professional tensions with the outside world. A simple way of saying, at a time when social individualism flourishes, that self-awareness in a group, sharing ideas and arguing about them, can be a winner. And Jackal is an example of this.

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Where you can see Small fish streaming (also free)

Made in Italy serial of Main Video continue later Ferragnez 2and the first TV episode of The Jackal, Small fish, is available on the platform since June 8, 2023 and appears from there in 240 countries and territories where the streaming service is used. Existing subscribers will be able to follow the exciting events of their communication agency by accessing the platform. Those who are not registered can register here in a few steps and take advantage of 30 day free trial that Prime Video is making available to its new subscribers.

During this time, users will also be able to stream movies and TV series on the platform, including Airwith Ben Affleck and Matt Damon and the history of Nike Air Jordan, or spy Castle with Richard Madden and Priyanka Jonas Chopra and all versions of LOLa comedy competition that pits the best comedy talents of our country against each other.
Not only that, membership will also allow you to take advantage of the benefits of the Amazon Prime service, including faster delivery of purchases and access to special promotions for shopping events, such as Prime Day. possible to decide whether you will continue to see the catalog and its new one. products with a formula for 4.99 euros per month or 49.90 euros per year; or opt out, again free of charge.

What is happening in Small fish

One day, in a small communications company with small clients outside of Naples, Our Treein which they work among others Aurora Today, Cyrus Priello And Gianluca Fr (the narrator of the series who comments in his own way on the days of his colleagues arguing convince them idiots and advertising campaigns on ceramic floors or feminine pads), an outside agent arrives and causes damage. We are talking about Greta (Martina Tinnirello), the manager of the headquarters, accustomed to customers with millions of followers and the star of the show, who arrives in Naples because she has been reduced. What happened to him? While he was presenting an advertising campaign for a popular mobile phone brand he got upset by someone Achilles Lauro.

Professional movements are connected to professional ones. Fabio is looking for a new home after breaking up with his girlfriend. There is a professional relationship between Aurora and Ciro, but will something else develop? Fru is unrequited, time Marion he has two great loves: his megaphone and snacks. The Jackals bring themselves to life in this carefree and carefree series that at times transforms the subscription into paying homage Office and the eighties.

A series full of special guests

According to tradition, The Jackal have called their guest stars who make fun of themselves in episodes 6. In addition to the singer of Rolls-Royce There is Herbert Ballerinain the role of a lobbyist in the midst of a panic attack during business, John Muciaccia, Gabriel Vagnatoa member of Long life Rai 2, Valentina Barbieri and Mario “Il Ginnasio” Terrone.