“White Lotus” this time in Sicily

“White Lotus” this time in Sicily

The first installment of the HBO series took place in Maui, Hawaii, with each subsequent episode revealing the personalities and family secrets initially hidden from the guests and staff of the exclusive hotel.

Passions and interests mixed with mysterious crimes. The matter was expressed in a humorous context – according to the principle “don’t be so miserable as to think you”.

The first season began with the arrival of tourists, when the idyll was disturbed by the transportation of a coffin, and in the second series – at the very beginning – a farewell bath in the sea in Sicily is interrupted by a corpse floating in the water. . Then, like in the first season, we go back a few days, waiting for the mystery to be solved.

And this time we can watch the eccentric Jennifer Coolidge, but the scene is Sicily. Producers do not care about the principle of compliance with the topography – only beauty should agree on the picture. That’s why the beach area was recorded with Cefalu in the background, and the Four Seasons San Domenico Palace hotel is located near Taormina with a view of Mount Etna, its rooms have copies of Caravaggio, which expresses the high temperature of emotions.

We will also see scenes played in baroque Noto and Palermo, which relate to the Sicilian origins of the American heroes visiting the island for the first time.

There is more sex and the Polish translation suggests more profanity. There will be a total of seven episodes for the second season.