Why Aston Martin Vettel is dying to catch

Why Aston Martin Vettel is dying to catch

Mike Krack needs to be the guilty man. The Luxembourger wants to impress Sebastian Vettel for another season in Formula 1 at Aston Martin. And “in action and not in words,” as Krack emphasized in an interview with RTL / ntv. That means: Aston Martin is working hard to finally give the four-time world champion a car that Vettel can have fun with again and be able to drive at the front.

AMR22, which was badly crippled at the start of the season, had to be brought to a point “where Sebastian sees the light at the end of the tunnel again,” says Krack. “If he realizes that something is going on, that’s a package that works, we’re making progress, then the decision is easy for him.” Because, according to the team boss: “Sebastian Vettel does not drive for 17th place.”

Vettel also does not see the 18th place. The fact that Vettel landed in this place in the qualifying for the British doctor in Silverstone (Sunday, from 3 pm, LIVE on RTL) is therefore not very favorable for the British factory team. persuasive work. His racer was not fast enough, Vettel said after a wet qualifying session at the “Home of British Motor Racing”. Neither in the rain nor in the dry.

After the summer break will probably clear

Vettel’s condition, his mood gauge, should ultimately be the deciding factor on whether or not the 35-year-old extends his contract with Aston Martin and steps up the gas next season in motorsport’s premier class. He will see how the next race goes, said Vettel recently in an online call with RTL / ntv. “I don’t think it will take us forever,” said the 53-time Grand Prix winner. Krack also expects transparency after the summer break.

But why does Aston Martin even want Vettel to stay on board? It is a provocative question. Finally, Vettel’s critics say that the former champion has lost the momentum of the past few days. making too many mistakes Being too expensive (with an average annual salary of 15 million euros, Vettel is still one of the highest earners in the scene). And then there are matters of Vettel’s heart.

Martin Armbruster