Will the Mazda RX-9 resume the streak interrupted by the RX-8?

Will the Mazda RX-9 resume the streak interrupted by the RX-8?

Combine the 2015 Mazda RX Vision Concept with the Mercedes-AMG GT, and the designer. Theottle he will bring shapes that, according to him, Mazda RX-9 can have.

High performance coupe, successor toThe much-loved RX-8 and the much-loved RX-7, which is currently not in the plans of the brand, at least for Europe, but other surprises cannot be excluded, perhaps taking advantage of the close cooperation with Toyota.

Mazda RX-9, definitely not electric

Mazda has been very clear about its position on the energy transition: even at the presentation of the Mazda CX-60 SUV that we tested in Düsseldorf, it emphasized that it will focus on different types of motivation, without underestimating the electric endothermic. engine.

Hence the idea of ​​the Mazda RX-9 not so out of touch with reality and with the intention of expanding the range that Mazda has started, it can support the timeless MX-5, the best-selling roadster in the world, with more powerful engines and a higher market share. A product that can probably share the technical sector with the Toyota Supra and the BMW Z4, classic cars but still have a market (especially the first), with a design. the most elegant and classic of the brand.

RX vision of rThis was a concept car that seemed to anticipate the arrival of this type of car, as wellevolution of Kodo Design which gave birth, for example, to the new Mazda 3. Theottle’s is an RX-9 that saves many such accounts, actually keeping all the main features like the long bonnet, big front grille, small headlights, but improving it to bring it closer to the production car.

The basis used is that of the Mercedes-AMG GT, another car success especially in terms of aesthetics, which worked to recreate the shapes of the coupé, but above all that never happened before: two circular and small lights, completely “deep” and nothing else. Given the tradition of the architect, we do not know how the interior may look.

And performance?

We have said that the Mazda RX-9, if ever produced, could take advantage of the technical sector and the reborn Toyota Supra in 2021. The latter has two engines: a Turbo 2.0 with 250 bhp and 3.0 Turbo 6-cylinder from 340 hp.

Now, neither the RX-7 nor the RX-8 has ever been very powerful: the maximum power of the RX-7 was 280 HP for the third and last series (more than the original 300), power also taken from the naturally aspirated Wankel 1.3 . of the RX-8.

So there is a possibility that the RX-9 will remain in this power range, perhaps leaving only Toyota’s 250bhp, or modify it “to Mazda” to achieve the same performance. Unless, of course, that Mazda RX-9 is ever built.

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