Will we finally have justice in France?

Will we finally have justice in France?

Because that’s the end of the story with Citroën, maybe the modified and revised Polestar 2 will enter our territory.

Polestar and France, is a story, let’s say, difficult. Since 2019, The dispute was against Citroën, the tricolor manufacturer criticized the Swedish brand for its logo, which it says is too reminiscent of its chevrons. But, as it is, both managed to reach an agreement at the end of last year. So, obviously, because Volvo’s former sports department has presented a revised and revised version of its sedan 2, we tell ourselves that this could very well (finally!) land on our territory. Several hints, including one hidden in the press release for the modified Polestar 2 that has just been revealed, lead us to believe that this could be the case….

Reasons to believe

Well, logically enough, there is the fact that the quarrel is over, as we said recently, but that’s not all. Since it broke out, Polestar’s websites have been inaccessible from France. We say “were” because now we can again access the product site but also the one set for the media. This means that the disagreement is over. Finally, a final note, it is stated in the aforementioned press release that “the Polestar 2024 model year is available to order now on Polestar.com in European markets and that other markets will follow”. The star indicates the countries involved: Italy and Ireland. But it is not excluded that France will be worried in the future. After all, Polestar is always growing, proof…

An unchanged appearance

But let’s come to the sedan “2” which is still the main subject of the publication. What is changing? Creative, not real. The same light signatures, the same front and rear shields, nothing changes on the outside, except for the now full grille that is somewhat reminiscent of the “3” SUV. We think we can tell a lot about the interior since the manufacturer didn’t even bother to share a small model.

Distance up to 635 km

In fact, the change is primarily technical. Polestar 2 is more powerful, more efficient and has better autonomy. Another major development, two-wheel models are now rear-wheel drive. These are equipped with a single motor of 200 kW or 220 kW (about 271 hp and 300 hp) and 490 Nm of torque (against 330 Nm before). The weakest gains from the 69 kWh battery (no upgrade), the second from 82 kWh (5 kWh more). In both cases, the range is high: 518 km for the 200 kW version, and 635 km directly for the 220 kW.

As for the key variant, it benefits from two motors producing a total of 310 kW (about 421 hp) and 740 Nm of torque (10 kW and 80 Nm more). The performances are definitely better. Calculate only 4.5 s to perform the exercise from 0 to 100 km / h with 4-wheel drive against 6.4 and 6.2 s for the first. The performance package increases power to 350 kW (475 hp) on the other hand. With him, the time drops to 4.2 s. In both cases, a large 82 kWh battery is used. Both could travel 592 kilometers on a single charge. Maximum charging speed of 135 kW for the 69 kWh 2WD version and 205 kW for the others. Impressive features but at a price: between €50,190 and €64,690 in Germany. If Polestar wants to harm him Tesla model 3 in our market (if it comes of course!), we will have to adjust the price somewhat downwards…

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