Will you buy these Volvos from the police with custom bumpers?

Will you buy these Volvos from the police with custom bumpers?

Want to know what happens to police cars when their service years are over? Take a good look around Amsterdam, because there you will see a lot of white Tourans driving without roof racks and with sill guards. On the Marktplaats you will frequently find a white Audi A6 with a V6 diesel. But other cars are not so lucky and must first suffer in the police academy.

Like these two white Volvo V70s. They are now sold at the Marktplaats, but it is clear that they did not have office work in the autumn of their work. After their service as regular police cars, these two Volvos were first used for driver training. With these vehicles, officers can practice catching criminals while on the move. Inboxes, in technical jargon.

We came across one of the Volvos in the news from 2015, where the Volvo had already been used to destroy the Ford Focus during its service. When the Volvo was replaced by the Audi, it received larger front and rear bumpers, so that it would not be necessary to have a new bumper after each training session. Of the two Volvos for sale, one still has its heavy moustache.

In the video at the bottom of the page you can see how two Volvos are used in the program Rachel enters. Flashing lights and outdated police batons have been removed from the vehicle. benefit? The back seat still looks neat – maybe it hasn’t been used much.

One old Volvo police has driven 194,000 km and another has driven 240,000 km. The cars must cost 5,250 euros each and you can have them pick up in Rotterdam. It’s handy if you still need to practice parallel parking a lot, maybe. Or if you have a large yard, you can practice registering in a box.