winners and losers

winners and losers

In 2022, 44,012 trucks weighing more than 5 tons were sold on the French market. Stable figures compared to 2021. This stability however hides very different trends from one brand to another.


With sales growth of +13.48%, CFO top form. The brand has a market share of 14.2%. This is the strongest performance of the year.

It comes back Volvo Trucks and 9.5% growth in sales. The Swedish manufacturer grabs a 14% market share. It remains closed by DAF.

Mercedes-Benz trucks is the third brand than the market, but in a more normal way, with a 2.7% increase in sales. The German manufacturer, however, has a market share of 13.35% in 2022.

The losers

So much for the three manufacturers who pulled the trigger. Others have seen their sales drop. hard to Scania, with a drop of 15.6%. Group brand Traton has a 9.6% market share.

The fall was also tough for another Traton Group brand: MAN. It saw its performance drop by 12% with a market share of 9% now.

Iveco it also marks a poor performance with a nearly 8% decline in its subscriptions. The Italian brand achieved a market share of 8.5%.

Renault trucks save furniture

And how about Renault trucks ? The French manufacturer has a balance sheet with a slight decrease in sales of -1.45%. The brand is still the preferred brand with one in three sales (29.2 percent market share).