You Can Now Buy Genesis EVs in More States, Still Not All States

You Can Now Buy Genesis EVs in More States, Still Not All States

The availability of luxury Genesis electric vehicles (EVs) is now expanding across the United States, albeit with some notable exceptions.

The Korean automaker has recently announced that its EVs will now be available in a total of 19 states, including Florida, Texas, and California, as well as Washington, D.C. However, the company has yet to make its vehicles available in several other large markets, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan.

The expansion of the Genesis EV lineup is part of the company’s broader strategy to build its presence in the growing luxury EV market. The company has already unveiled a range of EVs, including the GV70, GV80, and EQ900. The GV80, in particular, is the company’s flagship model and is equipped with a range of advanced features, including an all-electric powertrain, adaptive cruise control, and a suite of driver-assistance technologies.

The expansion of the Genesis EV lineup is a welcome development for luxury car buyers, as it allows them to opt for a high-end EV in more states. However, the company’s decision to exclude certain key markets is somewhat perplexing, as it limits the availability of its EVs to buyers in those areas.

Genesis has yet to comment on its decision to exclude certain markets, but it appears to be a strategic move to limit the availability of its vehicles in order to maintain its brand’s exclusivity. Nevertheless, the company’s decision to expand its EV lineup across 19 states is a positive step forward in its efforts to become a major player in the luxury EV market.

It remains to be seen whether the company will eventually expand its EV lineup to other markets, but for now, luxury car buyers in 19 states can now enjoy the benefits of owning a Genesis EV.