6h Imola: Ferrari and Toyota are allowed to drop weight / FIA WEC

6h Imola: Ferrari and Toyota are allowed to drop weight / FIA WEC

The FIA ​​WEC has published the Balance of Performance classification for the next race at Imola. In other words, cars are getting lighter and more powerful. Ferrari and Toyota can hope.

As is well known, the Balance of Performance (BoP) has been used in the FIA ​​WEC for some time. Using the table with the classification, the competing cars should be brought approximately to the level of the lap time. This should create tension. Of course, the value of the games also suffers as a result of this artificial interference. In the season opener in Qatar, Toyota and Ferrari suffered. Both brands were still ahead in the WEC in 2023, but could not fight for victory in Qatar.

The three newcomers Alpine, BMW and Lamborghini also received a (let’s call it) BoP of caution in Qatar – but then drove in the middle/back of the field. Now the regulators have released the BoP table for the second round of the season at Imola. Compared to Qatar, the cars are lighter and more powerful. The exception is the 2024 Peugeot 9X8, which will debut at Imola. It was rated to weigh 1061 kg and produce 510 kilowatts of power.

Toyota GR010 Hybrid can unload 29 kg and now weighs only 1060 kg – and also gets 6 kW more power (now 516). Ferrari 499P can also unload a lot – which is 34 kg (now 1041 kg) and gets 7 kW more (now 510). So both will probably be considered for race wins.

The remaining hypercars were also classified separately. Alpine 1042 kg and 514 kW, BMW 1035 kg and 511 kW, Cadillac 1030 kg and 517 kW, Isotta Fraschini 1058 kg and 520 kW, Lamborghini 1034 kg and 1034 kW and 516 kW kg and 516 kW.

In addition to weight and performance, four-wheel drive vehicles also control the speed at which the front wheels can be driven. All vehicles also have a set amount of energy that can be used for each phase. And the time to refuel the car is also fixed.

Values ​​can be converted back from one classification to another. All in all with the aforementioned goal of having an exciting race – let’s see how that works out.