Apart from Ferrari, they are the anti-Red Bull: a wonderful revelation for 2024

Apart from Ferrari, they are the anti-Red Bull: a wonderful revelation for 2024

Stable puts Red Bull in its sights. Great expectations and a circus warned: they will be candidates in 2024.

The 2023 Formula 1 world championship seems to have already been decided. Although we are in the first part of the season, the gap between the two Red Bulls and the rest of the grid seems to be too big and not easy to close in time to allow us to witness the most contested world championship.

High expectations in view of 2024, the challenge for Red Bull is ready (LaPresse) Derapate.it

Ferrari and Mercedes, who tonight represented the main rivals of the Anglo-Austrian team, are in trouble, despite timid signs of recovery in the last few races. Who instead represents the good surprise of this championship is Aston Martin to be able to, especially with veteran Fernando Alonsoto gain points and continuity to become, classification in hand, the second team of the world championship at this time.

But the ambitions of the English team certainly do not end there. As AutoMotorSport.de reports, in fact, Aston Martin has high expectations that it does not hide. “Considering where we started last year, we had a lot to gain compared to others.”, says technical director Dan Fallows. “Now we’ve got a good development trend with the car. So, I don’t think the deficit will be too big when we have limited development.”

Aston Martin, a surprise even for the team itself: “We didn’t expect it!”

Fallows reveals what pre-season was like inside Aston Martin. What are the team’s expectations before the 2023 championship begins: “We hoped we could compete with Ferrari and Mercedes, but to be honest we didn’t believe it. In the last few races it has been possible to see that they are very competitive, they are recovering. We cannot afford mistakes if we want to continue the fight until the end of the season.”

Fernando Alonso is the main surprise of this championship with Aston Martin (LaPresse) Derapate.it

Then it will be time to think about 2024, a year in which Aston Martin intends to no longer be a flash in the pan. In fact, the goal of the team is to be able to confirm its position at the top and who knows, maybe even worry Red Bull even more, maybe grab some victories as well as some podiums.

“Next year’s car will probably be an evolution of the current car. All the data we’re collecting now as well as the updates will also help us focus on next season.” Fallows does not hide his desires and those of the whole team. “We’re here and we’re setting bigger goals than last winter.”