Aston Martin working hard to keep Vettel on board: “It’s up to us”

Aston Martin working hard to keep Vettel on board: “It’s up to us”

Ewan Gale and Brian van Hinthum

There is still turmoil over Sebastian Vettel’s future. The voice that the four-time world champion is considering resigning after this season is often heard and team boss Mike Krack is also aware of this. However, Aston Martin wants to ‘work hard’ to keep their experienced driver.

Due to Aston Martin’s poor start, many pundits are wondering if a champion like Vettel can still enjoy Formula 1 this way. The last race at Imola, however, things went much better for the man who won four times in a row. 1 World Championship to his name. The German finished well in eighth place and that gives the team hope again.

work hard

Krack understands that Vettel wants to compete for marbles and therefore the result of Imola is an important help in the relationship between Vettel and Aston Martin. “I think the words he spoke are right, a driver like him should not drive in eighteenth or sixteenth place. Maybe after his results in Imola he will find the passion and pleasure of driving a car. A good car. We are trying to convince him to convince him,” he says.

Vettel must

The team boss explains why it is important for Vettel to extend his contract. “For us it is very important to have continuity within the team. In addition, he has his work ethic, speed and experience which provide great value. He has a lot of ideas and is committed to it, at the same time, he is realistic about it. His time slot this and he is doing everything he can. Other drivers can get impatient after performing at such a high level. Not so with Sebastian and he is helping us a lot,” he concludes.