Best wishes for Mother’s Day 2023. Unique poems and wise quotes for mothers.  What to wish for Mother’s Day?

Best wishes for Mother’s Day 2023. Unique poems and wise quotes for mothers. What to wish for Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is a happy day that is coming soon. So this is the last time to think about what wishes and how we will do it for someone close to our heart. Mother’s Day wishes are the most important aspect of this special holiday. Even if we live far from our family home, we must not forget about the mother’s wishes. Mother’s Day wishes should be personalized, no matter if we send them in person, send a traditional postcard, SMS or Messenger message.


Happy Mother’s Day present in person. Unfortunately, we don’t always have such an opportunity, because often mothers live far away or we don’t have time, or so we say. However, it is worth finding even a day off from work to visit a parent and give them a Christmas surprise. By preparing such unannounced voluntary meeting we will show mother that she is very close to us.

Unfortunately, our relationship with our parents is often just right and we don’t feel like or have the strength to wish our mother personally. But even in such a situation, it is worth remembering Mother’s Day and wishing you all the best. Often “happy birthday” is enough – these are short wishes that will also fulfill their function during this day. Such a holiday can also be a good excuse to try to repair and kindle the relationship between parents and children.

Mother’s Day wishes can be made in different ways:

  • by phone,
  • on a traditional postcard,
  • by sending an e-card,
  • on a decorative card (we can combine it with gifts or flowers and send it by post or courier),
  • by email,
  • via SMS,
  • using social networks.

However, it is important that these are sincere wishes, coming from the bottom of the heart.

Mother’s Day wishes should be heartfelt, personal and show that we wish the mother well. It doesn’t matter if they start with the usual words “Dear Mother”, or if we try to be creative and We will make individual, unusual wishes for Mother’s Day.

The best wishes for Mother’s Day are those created by yourself. In this way, we will show our mother that she is very close to us, unique and important in our lives. It is appropriate, along with the usual congratulations for health and happiness, to wish your mother on this day, for example, the fulfillment of your deepest dreams or a lot of love.

We can choose one of the collections of Mother’s Day wishes, match it with the subject, relationship and preferences of the addressee, including:

  • lovely wishes for mother’s day,
  • touching wishes for Mother’s Day,
  • traditional wishes for Mother’s Day,
  • unusual Mother’s Day wishes (eg a quote from a poem, book or golden idea).

Suggestions for funny wishes for Mother’s Day:

Thank you a million times for your kind heart, for the wise instructions on your holiday!

You gave birth to me, you fed me well, you gave me your heart and delicious loaves of bread. You hug me and kiss my forehead when I feel bad. For this I love you more!

Touching and Traditional Mother’s Day Poems:

Dear Mother! Thank you for every day we spent together,
for showing me the pros and cons of the world,
for teaching to be consistent, free and open to others.
I love you for everything and above everything!

On the occasion of your Mother’s Day
I wish you health, strength and lots of happiness
send words of great thanks.
For all the difficulty and effort on my part
I am very grateful to you today.

Example quotes about mother:

Thank you for your unpainted hair in the photo
with your raised eyebrows before the angels
for lactating breasts
with the hands that carried Jesus green border – Fr. Jan Twardowski, from the poem “Thank you”.

Behind all your stories there is always a mother’s story, because it is in her story that yours begins – Mitch Albom.

He showed me the moon first
and the first snow on the spruces,
and the first rain.
At that time I was as small as a shell,
and his mother’s black dress was soiled
like the Black Sea – KI Gałczyński “Meeting with mother”

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