Cupra to the United States

Cupra to the United States

A year 2023 has been positive pour Seat SA. Spanish manufacturer, owned by the group Volkswagengot sales of 14,16 Billions of Euros last year, an increase of 3.65 Billions of Euros. Its operating profit reached 505 millions of eurosfor the benefit of 4,4 %. « This is the best result since 73 and poured Seat SA », it welcomes Wayne Griffiths, CEO of Kiti and Cupra. Both products saw their shipments increase in 2023, respectively 288 437 and 230 739 units. A result that has contributed to the development of the Seat brand for many years to come. « We want Seat to regain its position, building on last year’s double-digit growth through new investment in its brands and models. We are also studying what we can offer in the electric world under the Seat brand. », emphasizes the CEO of the group. Thus, Leon they will benefit from the new generation of plug-in hybrid engine of the group, time of Aaron and Disaster he will have the right to a to regenerate and l’Ateca should be entertained to see his life long time. As Wayne Griffiths points out, the concept of a electric car chez A chair it will depend cost from technologyorder « that a small electric chair can be economical ». Put donc he got a few years of life for one year, since the manufacturer announced in 2023 brand change in the mean time in one mobility brand. The hint towards of electricity to be slower than expectedMotorized heated seats offered at more affordable prices have done well safety valve for The VW Groupwhich will continue to sell affordable combustion engine and hybrid models under its flagship brand. popular.

Cupra in North America

If the Seat continues on its way, Cupra continues its bird and the arrival of ANDtats-unis is planned avant of the end of the decade. The brand will initially offer Two SUVs who Guardian and one a new car of large size. « The latter will be produced at Volkswagen group plants in North America, including Mexico. Initially, the Cupra will be offered in the East Coast and West Coast states and the Sun Belt states. This launch will be accompanied by a new distribution model », confirms Wayne Griffiths. Marketing strategy should be done online only, supported by a physical presence « ensure all the necessary things, including car maintenance ». However, the manager promises a new system, without saying more.

Call for financial aid from states

Wayne Griffiths also took advantage of the presentation of the manufacturer’s results to protest Spanish government and more broadly European nations on the need for purchase incentives of electric cars. The leader clearly remembered that The VW Group invested 10 Billions of Euros in Spain pour develop its own small electric platform and that sales were not starting within the country. « Governments must support the electrification transition. It is too early to stop or reduce aid », Said the leader, emphasizing the road that remains covered in Spain.

And France in all this?

On top of French marketSeat and Cupra had a good year in 2023, with an overall increase in the number of passengers. 55 %. « We are in a good situation that continues at the moment », correct Robert BreschkowSeat and Cupra director for France. « We’ve had historic open days, and double the orders of last year. We will be offering more cars in March, April and May thanks to the great turnout. In addition, this year we will benefit from several new products from Cupra and improvements from Seat ». THE Cupra Leon and Guardian will arrive at the end of April, when Terramar and Tavascan it will arrive after summer. A distribution that should be facilitated by end of computer problems that mark coming into force of the contract of agency. « The situation is under control today », assures Robert Breschkow. An important step to be able to offer new cars to customers.