Formula E: Robin Frijns podium in R2 Diriyah.  Victory for Jaguar driver Nick Cassidy

Formula E: Robin Frijns podium in R2 Diriyah. Victory for Jaguar driver Nick Cassidy

Nissan driver Oliver Rowland beat Envision competitor Robin Frijns at Duels in the battle for pole. For Rowland it meant his first pole since Seoul 2022. It was a big boost for the Dutchman that he was allowed to start from the front row. Frijns team-mate Sebastien Buemi’s crash meant that Jake Dennis (Andretti Formula E) had to abandon his race. The winner of the first race on Friday only qualified 15th. Nick Cassidy and Stoffel Vandoorne qualified respectively. three and four. Jean Eric Vergne, who finished second yesterday, did not make it higher than the eighth starting position. Nyck de Vries qualified for the Mahindra team in 17th. The second race at Diriyah provided a convincing win for Jaguar driver Nick Cassidy. Robin Frijns finished second and had a good battle with Nick Cassidy. “We almost killed each other but it was fun.”
What a great start from Robin Frijns for the second game in Diriyah. He started second and finished second.

Text: Willem J. Staat
Photo: Formula E/Hankook

2024 Cassidy
A great Jaguars win from Nick Cassidy in the second game.

Robin Frijns podium at R Diriyah. Victory for Jaguar driver Nick Cassidy
Envison driver Robin Frijns had a good start, immediately beating pole vaulter Oliver Rowland. Cassidy, Vandoorne and Hughes followed, with Nyck de Vries making it through to the first round. Rowland complained over the onboard radio that his car felt funny, but immediately recorded a very fast lap. Rowland, Vandoorne, Hughes, Da Costa went to Attack Mode on lap four with Frijns doing so with one lap in the lead, giving Nick Cassidy Jaguar TCS the lead. Cassidy entered the Attack Lane for the first time in the seventh round, with Robin Frijns immediately following and entering the Attack Lane for the second time, along with reliever Oliver Rowland.

Stop 10e ronde: Cassidy, Frijns, Rowland, Vandoorne, Hughes, Fenestraz, Darivala, Ndege, Vergne, Setta Camara. P16 De Vries
The difference between the leaders Cassidy and Frijns in this phase was an average of 1 to 1.5 seconds. While there is a fierce battle for the seventh place between Fenestraz, Darivala and Bird. Unfortunately, Stoffel Vandoorne (DS Penske) missed his Attack Lane and fell to fifth place. The majority of riders had yet to take Attack Mode in this round, with Robin Frijns having been reunited with Nick Cassidy. This meant not only a power struggle but also a fierce battle for first place.

Oliver Rowland, Nissan Formula E Team, celebrates with his Pole Position award
Oliver Rowland failed to apologize.

Stop 20e ronde: Cassidy, Frijns, Rowland, Hughes, Vandoorne, Fenestraz, Ndege, Wehrlein, Vergne, Darivala. P16 De Vries.
There was also a fierce battle for 10th place between the Maserati duo of Nico Muller and Jehan Darivala. Sam Bird’s (McLaren Formula E) attack on Sacha Fenestraz (Nissan) turned fatal on lap 22. Fenestraz got away from Bird where Pascal Wehrlein also benefited. The bird hit the wall and damaged the suspension. Fenestraz and Wehrlein advanced respectively. fifth and sixth place. Maserati driver Darivala skidded off the track without braking on lap 26. A stalling problem that had announced itself several times earlier.

Stop 30e ronde: Cassidy, Frijns, Rowland, Hughes, Vandoorne, Fenestraz, Wehrlein, Vergne, Gunther, Dennis. De Vries P14

The top 3 between Cassidy, Frijns and Rowland is close, with Frijns feeling the pressure from Rowland. The Top 3 broke away for a while from Hughes, Vandoorne and Fenestraz. A group of six cars formed briefly, after which the leaders managed to regain the distance, which unfortunately ended the race in high condition. There was no match for New Zealander Cassidy (Jaguar TCS) in Diriyah. He took his sixth career victory in the FIA ​​Formula E Championship. In his 50th participation in the FIA ​​Formula E Championship, Nick Cassidy not only took the win but also took the lead in the FIA ​​Formula E Championship. For Robin Frijns it meant the podium his first since New York 2022 and his first points since Portland last year.

04 FRIJNS Robin (nld), Envision Racing, Jaguar I-Type 6, action during the 2024 Diriyah E-Prix, the 2nd meeting of the 2023-24 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, at the Riyadh Street Circuit from January 25 to 27, in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia - Photo by Thomas Window / DPPI
Robin Frijns. Light in the dark and the end of the tunnel.

A rash
1. Nick Cassidy Jaguar TCS 36 round
2. Robin Frijns Envision at 1,192 sec.
3. Oliver Rowland Nissan op 1.875 seconds.
4. Jake Hughes McLaren Formula E at 2.931 seconds.
5. Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren Formula E at 3.397 seconds.
6. Sacha Fenestraz Nissan op 4.598 seconds.
7. Pascal Wehrlein Porsche op 4,816 seconds.
8. Jean Eric Vergne DS Penske at 5.196 seconds.
9. Maximilian Gunter Maserati op 5.709 seconds.
10. Jake Dennis Andretti Formula E op 6.240 seconds.

Crashed: Jehan Darivala Maserati 25 laps no brakes
Sam Bird McLaren Wall led 22 laps. Buemi did not start due to a damaged monocoque.