Genesis G70 vs. Volkswagen Arteon.  What?  Do you know such a high quality brand?  Test, compare

Genesis G70 vs. Volkswagen Arteon. What? Do you know such a high quality brand? Test, compare

What could the presence of atmospheric accents in the picture that opens this material mean? Have the makers of these two luxury cars left, proposing a family station wagon during the reign of the SUV?

little like that.

It would be easy to name a few products, also present on the Polish market, which have stopped giving examples in the middle class. And we don’t mean some exotic models, but very popular cars that were once leading in the sales figures.

That is why it is good that there is Genesis G70 and Volkswagen Arteon. The first one more strongly distracts passers-by and attracts the attention of other drivers. The second one is 18 centimeters longer and, despite the same wheel, offers more space in the cabin. These two cars can be an example of the fact that modern style is difficult to reconcile with the width of the passenger room.

The Korean station wagon has a smoother and more balanced line. The boxier Volkswagen lacks grace (especially at the front) but doesn’t disappoint, proudly displaying the frameless windows when the doors are opened.

But this opening can be bad for the German center car, because it happens that the Korean rival has a more familiar cabin and modern equipment. And we can go through the details here, but here it is also about the feelings of the people who try it: they felt more luxurious in the G70. And this is important for customers who buy a lifestyle center car.

Genesis vs. VW – the first brand vs. the people’s car?

But Volkswagen also has its strengths. In addition, if we go to the practical side of power, it has a lot of them. Its volume control system is more versatile. You can display a navigation map in the virtual cockpit. And this amount of space – the back is as comfortable as, for example, in the Passat. And Passat is a strong company when it comes to family values.

The G70 is different – just sitting there requires physical exercise. “Koreańczyk” tries to make up for the loss with a folding backrest of the front passenger seat, but in view of such a large difference in spaciousness it is impossible. Even in the Volkswagen trunk there is more space (565 l vs 465 l), and it is longer (maximum 197 cm vs 170 cm – long skis will not fit).

Photo: Auto Bild

Genesis G70 – dimensions drawing

If you are planning a long trip, then in the case of Genesis you should assume a long time to cover the distance. Why? This is because additional fueling will be required compared to the Volkswagen. Even in this power class (the G70 has 245 hp), the result of 11.2 l / 100 km on our test loop is a lot. Arteon is satisfied with 8.8 l / 100 km, and also has better and measurable dynamics.

The difference is very noticeable at high speeds, because then the German engine has more steam and beats the Korean rival. Not that we are persuading anyone to do such tests – rather, we do it so you don’t have to check it yourself – but 32 s vs. 22.9 s is a big difference.

And this is the result of the acceleration test from zero to 200 km / h. The first is for the G70. The Arteon also uses the freewheel function (“coasting” when disengaged) more often.

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What about driving stability and agility? Maybe the Korean station wagon will play in these fields? Not true. Driving the Arteon requires less attention and is also more communicative. Volkswagen drives faster and holds the road more confidently during sudden maneuvers to change direction. It also has advantages in driving comfort. One can say that both cars drive very well, and it would be true, but the total nuances give Volkswagen a big advantage at the end of this comparison.

What was missing? Of course, presenting the history of the Korean station wagon that began in Europe. Genesis Motors is a South Korean car manufacturer owned by Hyundai. The company was founded recently, in 2015, but did not start from scratch, because it had access to Hyundai technology. The G70 appeared in 2017 as the smallest model of the brand.

Volkswagen Arteon - dimensions drawingPhoto: Auto Bild

Volkswagen Arteon – dimensions drawing

From the beginning, it was supposed to be the answer to mid-size sedans in the premium segment, such as the Lexus IS, Audi A4, BMW 3 series. The Genesis G70 uses a technique known from the Kia Stinger, that is, it has a long length. engine mounted, rear or four wheel drive. So it is – as in Kia’s basic description – a rear-wheel drive car. And this can be an argument in favor of the Genesis when choosing a car, because the Arteon in our comparison is a front-wheel drive and a rear-axle drive equipped with automatic transmission.

The body of the G70 was originally designed by Peter Schreyer, while in 2020 the model was facelifted to match the new style of the brand, behind which is the talent of Luc Donckerwolky. The station wagon G70 Shooting Brake, which you can see in our photos, has already received new design accents, characteristic of which are the front and rear lights.

The station wagon was designed for the European market, where the Genesis brand opened its showrooms, but the car is not yet available in Poland. In Germany, prices for the two-liter version with 197 horses and rear-wheel drive start from 40,300 euros. The front-wheel drive 190HP Arteon costs at least 46,910 euros in the same market. Let’s wait for the zloty difference when the Genesis also arrives in Poland.

And now – time for hard evidence in the case, namely: the table!

Genesis G70 vs Volkswagen Arteon – Road Test Results (Rated)

Test results VW The beginning
Acceleration 0-50 km / h 2.0 s 2.5 seconds
Acceleration 0-100 km / h 5.5 seconds 6.9 seconds
Acceleration 0-130 / 0-160 km / h 8.7 / 13.1 s 11.1 / 17.2 s
Acceleration time 60-100 km / h (or.) 2.9 seconds 3.8 seconds
Acceleration time 80-120 km / h (or.) 3.7 seconds 4.7 seconds
Weight / actual load 1742/548 kg 1786/449 kg
Weight distribution (front/rear) 57/43 percent 52/48 percent
Turn circle (left/right) 11.9 / 11.8 m 11.9 / 12.0 m
Braking from 100 km/h (cold) 35.3 m 35.2 m
Braking from 100 km/h (hot) 34.1 m 34.8 m
Cabin noise at 50 km / h 58 dB(A) 59 dB(A)
Cabin noise at 100 km / h 64 dB(A) 65 dB(A)
Cabin noise at 130 km / h 69 dB(A) 69 dB(A)
Burning of the test 8.8 l / 100 km 11.2 l / 100 km
Reception 750 km 530 km

Genesis G70 vs Volkswagen Arteon – data sheet (not evaluated apart from cargo capacity)

Manufacturer’s data Arteon G70
Engine: type / cylinder / valves petrol, turbo / R4 / 16 petrol, turbo / R4 / 16
Engine layout transverse to the front at length forward
Temporary storage chain chain
Transfer 1984 cc 1998 cc
Maximum power 280 hp / 5,000 rpm 245 hp / 6,200 rpm
Maximum torque 400 Nm / 2000 rpm 353 Nm / 1450 rpm
Maximum speed 250 km / h 235 km / h
Contagion or. dual clutch gearbox 7b. automatic, 8-speed
Drive on four wheels on four wheels
Brakes (front/rear) twin/tw twin/tw
Cargo compartment capacity 565-1632 l 465-1535 l
Fuel tank capacity 66 l 60 l
Make and model of car tires tested Pirelli P Zero Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S
Tested car tire size (front | rear) 245/35 R 20 | 245/35 R20 225/40 R 19 | 255/35 R 19
Co2 production 200 g/km 215 g/km
Towed trailer weight with / without brakes 2,200/750 kg 1500/750 kg

Genesis G70 vs Volkswagen Arteon – Warranty and Reviews (Rated)

Warranty / Price Arteon G70
Asking Price (in Germany) 260 900 PLN 233 540 PLN
Mechanical warranty 2 years 5 years
A puncture bond 12 years 12 years
Inspection every 30 thousand km every 10 thousand km
Price after reset (in Germany) PLN 291,700 PLN 263,760

Note: the vehicles in the photos may differ in equipment from those accepted as starting models in the table, even after reconditioning.

Genesis G70 vs. Volkswagen Arteon – points and classification

Body Points Volkswagen The beginning
Front width 40 32 32
Back space thirty 25 21
Cargo compartment capacity 25 22 19
Ability 15 12 10
Appearance twenty 10 10
Seats, driving position thirty 28 27
Operation ergonomics twenty 14 16
Quality finish twenty 17 18
Total points 200 160 153
Drive and suspension Points Volkswagen The beginning
Speed ​​up 25 twenty 17
To change 25 23 21
Noise level 15 12 11
Contagion 15 11 12
Behavior on the road thirty 27 26
Driving comfort thirty 26 24
Operating system 15 14 13
Turn the circle 5 3 3
Brake efficiency 40 33 32
Total points 200 169 159
Warranty and burn Points Volkswagen The beginning
Oil consumption thirty 17 14
Guarantee 15 8 14
Inspection 10 9 3
Total points 55 34 31
The final score 455 363 343
Put it to the test 1. 2.

Genesis G70 vs. Volkswagen Arteon – catalog vs. test fuel consumption

Combustion test - Genesis G70 and VW ArteonPhoto: Auto Świat

Combustion test – Genesis G70 and VW Arteon

In this competition, Hyundai fell to the bottom. Although its engine is weaker and performance is worse, fuel consumption remains very high. And about 23 percent. higher than the manufacturer’s catalog promises. Volkswagen beats its rival: the fuel consumption in the catalog is lower by 0.7 liters, and the fuel consumption of the test … in the amount of 2.4 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers. Thick!

Genesis G70 vs Volkswagen Arteon – overview

If exotics were exclusive, Lexus would sell more premium cars than BMW or Mercedes. However, it doesn’t work that way – customers willing to pay too much demand too much at the same time. The Genesis is an exotic car for the station and the quality of the finish, but in the specialties of original cars Volkswagen is at the top. Faster, more practical, more economical.