Nissan and Mitsubishi team up again to launch an electric pickup truck

Nissan and Mitsubishi team up again to launch an electric pickup truck

Everything indicates that there will be an electric car Nissan in our market at the end of the decade, but Forget the idea of ​​a partnership with Fisker : will be instead of the result of cooperation with Mitsubishi.

Indeed, two Japanese manufacturers have confirmed in recent days that they will reunite with the intention of creating a new generation car that will be manufactured in Mexico. 100% electric and plug-in hybrids are readable.

According to what is reported Automotive Newsthe Nissan model would be used to replace the Frontier, even if it was completely updated for 2022. In the case of Mitsubishi, it would respond to the desire for a pick-up truck that consumers and dealers have been expressing for a long time, being denied. of Triton sold abroad.

Nissan and Mitsubishi have been partners in the same alliance with Renault since 2016.

In a short time, before their car project, Nissan will call Mitsubishi to launch its first plug-in in our continent by 2027, as recently announced by Executive Director Makoto Uchida. Expect a car that uses technologyOutlander PHEV – logically one Bandit given that both share the same platform.

For its part, Mitsubishi intends to use Nissan’s electric technology, as in the SUV. That’s all, with the intention of selling the first model without a combustion engine in North America since the withdrawal of the subcompact i-MiEV. Production will take place at Nissan’s US plant. This car is also expected by 2027.

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