Polestar removes the rear window from its new model to replace it with a camera

Polestar removes the rear window from its new model to replace it with a camera

This subsidiary of Volvo may have found a solution to the rear view problems of cars: replace the window with a camera and put a screen on the rear mirror.

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Polestar 4 prototype, without rear window, at the 2023 Motor Show (Polestar).

This is a strong choice that Polestar, a subsidiary of Volvo, has made on its new Model 4, a crossover, a coupe type, on the legs. On this type of model, we always have the same problem: when the roof line sinks back, we end up with a small rear window and we can’t see anything. Hence the idea of ​​removing it completely and replacing it with a camera and screen in the central rearview mirror. As a result, the view will be better as the camera has a wider viewing angle. We will no longer be bothered by passengers or items on the back shelf. And if you want to see your children, press the button and the rearview mirror becomes a normal mirror again. But suddenly, we will only see the interior of the car.

A car without a rear window is perfectly legal, this is already the case for all vans and trucks. When it comes to cars, until now there have only been supercars. But Polestar is the first to take the plunge into mass-produced models. This offers many advantages. This allows for a larger headroom, and even reclining rear seats. And because the camera is protected, the driver will not be disturbed by dirt, dust or snow.

Other manufacturers are considering crossovers

But it definitely suits everyone. Without a window at the back, it will still be darker. So you shouldn’t be claustrophobic. Finally, looking at a screen is not the same thing as looking at reality in the mirror. You will have to get used to measuring the distance again when, for example, you make a gap. This can be spread, Polestar believes in it. Its future model 5 will also do away with the rear window. And not only, other manufacturers also want to make it obsolete, especially in crossovers. So we will see how the customers will react. But why not both? A camera and a window (even a small one), like that, we would have a better world.