The first season of the European project “IN//OUT” by Dodge |  you end up in Lapland Dodge

The first season of the European project “IN//OUT” by Dodge | you end up in Lapland Dodge

  • The fourth episode of the brand’s journey through Europe takes Dodge to the North Pole: the final episode of the first season of the editorial project is now available online and can be seen. WHO.
  • Brand ambassador Ida Zetterström arrives at the Stellantis facility in Colmis, a test site a few kilometers from the Arctic Circle where the cars are undergoing further testing.
  • The protagonist of this episode is the most powerful Dodge SUV around: the impressive Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat PREMIUM.

A new episode of the European editorial project “IN//OUT” is back. Dodge’s journey across the continent, aimed at communication focused on different contexts and audiences, this time brings the brand a few kilometers from the Arctic Circle, in the city of Arjeplog. The fourth episode can be seen WHO.

After crossing the landscapes of Italy, Sweden and Germany, Ida Zetterström, the project’s brand ambassador, reaches the North Pole in the most powerful Dodge SUV on the market: spectacular. Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat PREMIUM. In this suggestive but impenetrable area, the well-known hijacker is hosted by the Colmis facility, a Stellantis facility dedicated to “winter testing to prove”: here the Group’s test drivers put the cars to some test trials, targeted above. all about safety and performance in cold environments. After a year in which Ida visited Europe meeting owners and lovers of Dodge, an example of the community of the brand, in this last part of the first series she is welcomed by the technician of Stellantis to test the car through these amazing tests that are probably the best. describes Dodge’s strong and brutal spirit.

Ida immerses herself in full immersion with a special test driver and lives a new experience even for an expert driver like her: driving on ice, through a series of challenges that tested the Dodge Durango SUV by enabling truck and test mode. security, system stability and model resistance. A series of exciting “skiing games” on frozen ground, which proves the greatness of Dodge: even in bad conditions and in difficult environments, the American brand can give a strong feeling and full driving pleasure, emphasizing its soul INCOMPARABLE , Intrepid, Intense . and wonderful.

This concludes the first series of the “IN//OUT” editorial project, which started in 2023, in view of other exciting projects of Dodge Europe, which recently started its Superbike journey with the WorldSBK championship.

Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat PREMIUM
The protagonist of the fourth episode is a real collection of power and strength by Dodge: PREMIUM Dodge Durango Hellcat in Pitch Black, the most powerful SUV ever made by the American brand. Powered by a 6.2L HEMI V8 engine with 707 HP and 889 Nm, this iconic model has all-wheel drive and a top speed of 290 km/h. The exterior, characterized by 20×10.0 Lights Out aluminum rims ideal for tackling any type of terrain like no other, is available in six different shades, while the interior is unique and very comfortable thanks to the presence of heated seats – essential in Lapland – , Gloss black door mirrors, satin black Dodge badge for taillights, gray badge and Eclipse Black tips.

Progetto Dodge Video “IN/OUT”
“IN/OUT” is the new communication manifesto of Dodge Europa, with the aim of defining the values ​​and traditions of the iconic brand in the European context, through a more effective approach and a different type of public that is addressed. . This project highlights in particular the passion and the unique atmosphere that Dodge fans and owners share, emphasizing the community property of the “Muscle Brotherhood” through the “IN//OUT” stories: it is possible to find the same distinctive characteristics. also in the European area. In the course of four episodes, the public is guided to places rich in history by Ida Zetterström, the witness of the project, who travels across Europe using the brand’s luxury cars and meets four enthusiastic Dodge owners. All this to find out if they are ready to participate in the “Last Call” Party in a unique and personal way.

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Turin, 13 March 2024