“The first three races were bad”, but Aston Martin is improving

“The first three races were bad”, but Aston Martin is improving

With seven races remaining in the Formula 1 season, there is not much time left for Aston Martin to secure a place in the Constructors’ Championship, but team boss Mike Krack believes they are on the right track now. The Luxembourger thinks he is now back Alpine and McLaren stay and so on Alfa Romeo, Rabbit and AlphaTauri, when we talk about the performance of the car.

Aston Martin, formerly Racing Point and Force India, is having the worst season in the entire history of the team since 2009. While Alfa Romeo, Haas and AlphaTauri have not scored in recent races, Aston Martin is consistently starting and finishing in races. top ten Lawrence Stroll’s team is closing the gap on the competition.

Directly behind Alpine and McLaren

“I think you can’t deny that we’ve taken a small step in the right direction, when you look at the pace of qualifying,” Krack said, among others. They have GPF. “Also if you look at the speed of the race and the points we got, we have been better. I think the first three races were bad. However, we struggled a bit, but we need to score more” than we have done so far. We have made sure that we are now directly behind Alpine and McLaren. I think we have the sixth fastest car in a row, but you don’t get points for that.”

The car is clearly improved

“I think our team is very good in strategy, but also in tire management and our setup is always good. We have also made improvements to the car,” Krack explained further. “It would be unfair to blame the team for the things we are struggling with. The car has improved in recent races. We hope to improve even more. The next race will definitely be different to how Monza is. However, I think if it is close, our team will do well, to be honest. It always helps us get these results, even if it’s a disappointing result.”

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