The new 7-seater Citroen C3 Aircross with a series of original accessories.  Dog cover, wireless charger, floor mats and more |

The new 7-seater Citroen C3 Aircross with a series of original accessories. Dog cover, wireless charger, floor mats and more |

The new Citroen C3 Aircross SUV offers greater versatility and utility in everyday life thanks to a full range of Mopar Genuine Accessories.

The extensive range includes items that provide comfort, style and convenience for adults, children and pets. The equipment has passed strict quality tests and does not affect the warranty of the car. The catalog is divided into sections, making it easy to find the most suitable for customization. Equipment is available on the Brazilian market and in India – the new C3 Aircross has not yet appeared in Europe.

The new Citroen C3 Aircross has arrived in showrooms across Brazil as the country’s most affordable turbocharged automatic SUV, and soon the only one to offer a seven-seat option. Its modern design and versatility are qualities in themselves that make it unique in everyday life, but customers who want to go further will have a complete Mopar kit that includes more than 40 items.

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The devices can be purchased in bundles – called Pack Protection, Pack Comfort and Pack Innovation – or individually to suit each customer’s needs. As with all Mopar Genuine Accessories, they have undergone a series of tests to ensure quality, durability and safety. Therefore, they are not replacing the original three-year (unlimited kilometers) warranty on the New Aircross. Accessories can be purchased when purchasing the SUV or later in one of the more than 170 Citro├źn showrooms throughout Brazil.

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To make it easier to find the most suitable supplement and evaluate the products that make the most sense, the catalogs are divided into customer profiles.

big family”, as the name suggests, includes unique features that allow the SUV to be used by the whole family and provide greater versatility in a variety of situations. The seat cover allows you to return from walks to the beach, park and other physical activities without the risk of getting wet seats, while the inductive charger is convenient which allows you to charge your smartphone in a short time without the need to use wires and cables. .

About luggage, the organizer allows for easier and safer storage of various items in the trunk or on the back seat. In turn, pet owners can use a protective cover and seat belts specially designed for transporting animals.

“Care and Safety” it is for those who want more security. There are fog lights, white light bulbs, interior lighting equipment, sports pedals, reversing camera and oil pan cover. Sill guards are also part of the features that add functionality, comfort and style.

In the “Style My Way” package. customers can opt for a Decor Front Grill, which adds to the unique look of the model. It is also possible to install unique side covers, which increase the protection of the doors against small contacts, such as other cars in the parking lot, while adding more identity to the New Aircross.

Catalog “Day to Day” it includes PVC floor mats that provide excellent protection for the floorboards, and a DVR surveillance camera integrated into the windshield that increases safety in everyday life by recording the entire journey of the car and adding a layer of protection in case of unexpected events.

Even the unique removable seats in the seven-seater New Aircross is not left out of the equipment offer. Thanks to a special Mopar bag, the lightweight third-row seats can be easily transported and stored if the customer chooses to remove them from the vehicle.

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