The rebellious Cupra chooses to jump forward, but where does that lead?

The rebellious Cupra chooses to jump forward, but where does that lead?

The seat is not performing well, making losses for the third year in a row and no improvement has been seen. The future looks bright for the sister of the Cupra brand, as long as the newly announced models can meet high expectations. The Volkswagen Group’s patience is slowly fading.

Successfully launched a new car brand on the market, the work of hell† That teaches us the long-term pain of Infiniti, Lexus, Maybach and so on. Whether more recent projects such as DS, Alpine, Polestar and Genesis can meet high expectations remains to be seen.

Exchange of prominent partners

This also applies to Cupra, a Spanish sister edition of the Seat volume, which was founded in 1950 at the request of dictator Franco. El Caudillo he could not stand the fact that his country did not have his own car brand and so he called the help of banks and industrialists friends.

In the autumn of 1953, the first 1400 Seat came from the production line at a booth at the port of Barcelona, ​​a copy of the existing Fiat model. Under Franco, Spain lived in economic isolation and relied on the goodwill of foreign companies, in this case Fiat. The Italian manufacturer was ready to provide support to Seat as long as the Seat designs were sold in Spain. The Spanish market was all this time in the hands of German and French brands.

In the early eighties, Kiti executives used the opportunity in a contract to sell its models outside Spain. Agnelli’s family, the majority shareholder of Fiat, announced the bloody massacre and terminated their cooperation immediately.

The Seat-direct had taken note of the incident and had received support from Volkswagen and Porsche earlier – in greater secrecy.

Ibiza, which started in 1984, was the first seat to be developed indoors. With the technical, logistical and financial support of Volkswagen. The German manufacturer acquired 51 percent of Seat shares and built a brand new factory in Martorell in the early 1990s, necessary to increase production to nearly half a million cars annually.

There is no commercial success

Despite much effort and athletic achievement in international athletic competitions, Seat has never made a profit – something that shocked Volkswagen at the time.

Ferdinand Piech. He threatened to sell the seat to a higher bidder, but after the Spanish government intervened, the deal was scrapped.

It took until 2016 before the Spanish brand made a profit for the first time, the reputation of a new CEO. Luca de Meo, formerly Audi. It was successful in transforming existing capacity and rapidly expanding a wide range of models. In addition, he greatly expanded the sales area and set up Wayne Griffith, a former co-worker at Audi, to be the director of sales and marketing. Name to remember.

New sports edition

In early 2018, Luca launched Meo and Cupra, a Seat sister brand. I recalled from a press release from the moment that Cupra is “equally a unique, refined and performance-oriented approach.” The emblem, inspired by tribal culture, stands for ‘enthusiasm, accuracy, determination and courage.’ Eleventh base from salesman Wayne Griffith’s pen.

Cupra was the first model to launch Ateca, a successful Seat Ateca copy, equipped for the occasion with parts from Audi and VW, as well as a 2.0 TSI high-performance turbo engine from VW Golf R. A series of nominees for wise. eye-catching features such as the brass logo and door mirrors, the window frames and glittering black rims as well as the 19-inch wheels and four exhaust pipes at the edge of the power supply line justified the price difference and version the original seat.

Now that we have four more years, the Cupra column has the existing Seat Introductory seats added by Formentor and Born electrically operated. Both Cupra models are on the Volkswagen Group platform but do not have a Chair partner. Both focus on a completely different target group and focus on a young, athletic and dynamic audience that does not care about conventions – a diverse fund of law enforcement who enjoys paying extra to differentiate themselves from gray groups. Reasonable rebels!

To emphasize Cupra’s unique character, Cupra sales are in the hands of the best supplier of the Chair – in our country there are 12 dealers. It is very desirable but according to a Cupra spokesman Dirk Steyvers a real goal from the positive evolution of the brand. “As a sports brand, Cupra enjoys growing respect and dignity, also within his Volkswagen Group.”

It doesn’t seem to matter to Cupra customers that they have to pay more for the same model from Skoda or Volkswagen, the exception is the price tag. So it will be in the future. In the leadership of the Volkswagen Group, Cupra is one step higher than Skoda and VW.

Advanced electronic structures pave the way for sustainable development

A complete Urban electrician rebel should pave the way for similar models from VW and Skoda.

Meanwhile, Wayne Griffith has also taken the initiative, rising from vice president of sales and marketing to Seat and Cupra chief executive officer – succeeding Luca de Meo who moved to Renault in 2020.

During the presentation of strong and colorful media Unstoppable Impulse Last week on the pre-war race site near Barcelona, ​​the Englishman with a German passport gave a glimpse of the future of the Cupra brand, with examples on the pipeline.

The most offensive model in the history of the brand is still in its infancy to be able to sell half a million cars by 2030. By 2021 there were 80,000 and sales reached 2.2 billion euros.

The rebels of Terramar, Tavascan and Urbain are not ordinary, unusual and real, with the characteristics of rebellion where Tavascan and Urban Rebel are the perfect lightning. The latter, with an 226 hp electric motor on the front axle and 440 km independence, should pave the way for similar electric models from Skoda and VW based on the new MEB Small platform from Volkswagen Group. Terramar, Ateca’s successor, available as a hybrid of a 100-kilometer electric field, will be Cupra’s final design with a conventional combustion engine.

Tavascan will be Cupra’s first full electric SUV and will be launched in 2024.

Je! How much time and credit does the CEO of Cupra Griffith get?

The bad news is that the models mentioned above will not enter the production of the series until 2024 (Terramar and Tavascan) and 2025 (Urban Rebels). This means that Seat and Cupra – as the only Volkswagen Group brands – will probably also make a small profit in the coming years.

Which is a source of annoyance for Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess. In a message on LinkedIn, he recently said it was ‘the right time to make a profit’. Diess is also under a lot of pressure herself and the question is how long and the loan will be given to Cupra Griffith CEO.

Je! Cupra Griffith CEO still getting time and loan from Volkswagen Group?

An animated presentation of Cupra’s future designs should be seen in this light. Griffith chooses the plane in front of him, but it is not yet known where he is heading. It is certain that the German automotive group is not ready to invest in the future of the Seat. In Spain and Germany, all hopes are now set for Cupra. Which explains the presence of a whole armada of top politicians from Barcelona and far.