Three types of cutouts on the screens of Samsung smartphones

Three types of cutouts on the screens of Samsung smartphones

It looked like a Samsung will resist the wave cut-in the screen your smartphones. Well, no. At the developer conference on Wednesday, the manufacturer announced four new types of screens, three of which will have a cutout for the front camera.

Samsung had a lot of fun at the time he was joking and a note inside iPhone X. However, a year has passed, and it turns out that the Koreans themselves will introduce smartphones with a notch on the screen. Less – but still.

Samsung has some very interesting ideas when it comes to innovation in its smartphone lineup. News now goes not only to the flag, but also middleware – for example Galaxy A9 got about four main cameras. The launch of the market will be a real sensation a smartphone with a foldable display.

Apparently, in February we will see the first mid-range phones with a new type of screen – unfortunately with cutouts for the front cameras. In fact, the date of their presentation has not been officially confirmed. It is certain, however, that Samsung has no intention of running away from the notch and will certainly use them in its construction.

At the party Samsung Developer Conference it was announced that there will be several types. Names Infinity-U, Infinity-V and Infinity-O refer to the chapter on screen cutouts that we will see on Samsung smartphones. The emergence of a new type of screen was also shown Infinity, which will have no notes at all.

Benjamin Geskin tried to look at these screens. Of course, these are just assumptions, not how to reflect for sure they will look like samsung notes – they just deliver possible options.

Samsung couldn’t completely escape the screen markings, which is understandable. The manufacturer did not claim that models with such “decoration” would never be created. We can only hope that the new type of Infinity screen, this one without many marks, will quickly become popular in Samsung’s offer and the Korean love affair with UV- and O-shaped quality will be short-lived.

source with image: @ VenyaGeskin1, Telephone field