Who rules in the Agnelli house?  This is how things are

Who rules in the Agnelli house? This is how things are

The Agnelli family is one of the most famous families in Italy, however not everyone knows who the current patron of the Turin dynasty is.

Agnellis is like a princess in our country, also thanks to the industry and the political results of its great people. The Agnelli family has become a symbol of victorious Italy which, perhaps, no longer exists today. We have seen it in the automotive sector, but also in motorsport and football.

Agnelli Elkann (Photo by Ansa – LaPresse)

Fiat had to act, first with the creation of FCA and, more recently, with the merger with PSA and the birth of the Stellantis Group. Although it is the fourth largest car manufacturer in the world, the possibility of making it to the podium, surpassing Toyota, Volkswagen and the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance is very small. Italian products are going through a period of great change. The transition to lithium-ion batteries is far from smooth because of the economic crisis. The shortage of microchips and the consequences of the health emergency and the war in Ukraine have made everything more difficult.

The Agnellis, thanks to their foresight, accelerated the car in the golden years. Later, Fiat began to enter the crisis already in the last twenty years of the last century. Competition from foreign brands has become very dominant. In our latitude models such as the 500, Panda, or its sister Lancia Ypsilon, are still among the most desired by Italians, but the green revolution could destroy this delicate balance. Ferrari, despite its record-breaking sales, has chosen a more subtle path, moving away from the brand’s historic Prancing Horse DNA.

In Formula 1, the Scuderia has begun to make a serious impression with hybrid technology changes. The Reds were not as prepared as their main opposition teams and the results were unforgiving. It is no coincidence that the Ferraris have not participated in the world championship for more than 10 years. The last one to touch the recognition of the world championship was Fernando Alonso in 2012. In the hybrid era Mercedes dominated, which also proved itself in the electric range, winning the last championship of Formula E. In terms of products, Ferrari decided to focus on hybrids. technology, taking advantage of the skills in the Prime Minister Motorsport category, but soon will have to launch the first electric car, with completely unimaginable effects.

Juventus, on the other hand, was engulfed in yet another scandal. After a thorough investigation into the club’s false financial statements, the prosecutor’s office decided to remove 15 points from Bibi Mzee. A heavy penalty that made Bibi Mzee sink in the standings, far from the Champions area. The board of the team has resigned. President Andrea Agnelli had taken the reins of Juventus, after a bad Calciopoli page, and it ended in a worse way, after a 5-1 defeat in Naples. Moreover, the eleventh case of misfortune involving management caused a sensation.

Agnelli, leader of a historic Piedmontese family

John Elkann, the chosen successor of Gianni Agnelli, in a recent conversation with Republic And Brand he talked about the realistic goals of his association, revealing the next steps. First of all, John, remembering Gianni Agnelli 20 years after his death, approved the teachings that his grandfather passed on to his grandchildren, namely “an invitation to face the storm with courage and responsibility, always aiming for progress. With family capitalism linked to the region, which is a big part of our economic structure, the twenty years behind us have been positive and we have been able to produce world-leading Made in Italy companies.“.

If we compare the company in 2003 and today we see that the income goes from 22 billion to 130 billion in the first nine months of ’22 only – announced John Elkann – the models of cars produced at that time, which employed 49,000 people, was 22, for 4 . brand: today 280,000 people produce more than 100 models for 14 brands. We have improved the Fiat brand, so much so that next year the electric 500 will also be exported to the USA. We have relaunched the Maserati and Alfa Romeo brands and we are relaunching Lancia. Moreover, today we produce in Italy and sell models of very successful non-Italian brands, such as Jeep, all over the world.“.

Gianni Agnelli’s nephew took over the family business. Unfortunately, the history involving his grandfather must be remembered. Few know the true story of Edoardo, Gianni’s son who was supposed to be in charge of the Agnelli kingdom. By clicking here you will understand what happened to the attorney’s successor. Also check where are fiat engines produced? This is how things are.

John Elkann thus became the CEO. of Exor NV, a diversified investment company controlled by the Agnelli family, which also has investments in Ferrari, CNH Industrial, Iveco Group, Juventus, The Economist Group and Louboutin. The 46-year-old is the Chairman of Stellantis, Ferrari, Giovanni Agnelli BV and GEDI Gruppo Editoriale. Regarding the sports court’s decision regarding Juventus, the Ferrari President said: “The injustice of this judgment is obvious. Many have pointed this out, even if it is not black and white, and we will defend ourselves strongly to protect the interests of Juve fans and all those who love football.”.

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