Why Italy wants to ban the name of Alfa Romeo’s first electric car

Why Italy wants to ban the name of Alfa Romeo’s first electric car

It has recently been noted, the new Alfa Romeo Milano electric car may finally be forced to change its name. In question, concerns related to its place of manufacture and the Italian law that prohibits giving the name of a local city to a product made abroad.

Alfa Romeo Milan // Source: Alfa Romeo

If Alfa Romeo is a little behind in terms of its power supply, the Italian company is starting to gain speed at this level. And this is thanks to its very first model.

The name of the problem

This is obviously the Milano, a 100% electric SUV, which has been officially launched by the Turin manufacturer. So the latter becomes the first zero production (emissions) car from the Italian manufacturer after the 33 Stradale. An impressive presentation for this new arrival, which is based on the same platform as other electric models of the Stellantis group, including the Fiat 600e and Peugeot e-2008.

If the latter has already talked a lot about it, it is still very far. But this time, for the reason that the Italian manufacturer would certainly do without. And for good reason, the new electric SUV has this moment attracted the ire of the Italian government himself. But what is the reason? In fact, it is very simple, and it might even make you smile if the manufacturer’s stakes were not so good.

Alfa Romeo Milan // Source: Alfa Romeo

This is the website Automotive News who tells us about this unusual phenomenon, which shakes Italy and the automotive world. A few days ago, the minister in charge of industry, Adolfo Urso, came out to strongly criticize the Stellantis group. But what is the reason? Well quite simply the name of the new Alfa Romeo Milanowhich comes from the name of the city of Milan, in northern Italy.

And this election does not please the government of the transalpine country, on the contrary. The minister objected by simply saying that “a car called Milano cannot be produced in Poland. It is prohibited by Italian law“. And if this may seem like a joke, this is not the case at all, because the law regulates this type of practice.

Misleading users

Indeed, Adolfo Urso mentions the 2003 law, which states that it is ” it prohibits providing misleading information to users. So the car called Milano will be made in Italy. Otherwise, gives a misleading indication which is not authorized by Italian law“. This at least has the merit of being very clear. Because no, the Alfa Romeo Milano is not entirely produced on the other side of Mont-Blanc.

For the record, this cousin of the Jeep Avenger is assembled further away, in Poland. And more precisely inside the Tychy factory, where the latter is also offered, but also the Fiat 500, among others. The electric SUV doesn’t come from Italy at all, much to the dismay of the government. Especially since rumors are spreading that Stellantis would like to slowly separate from the country. However, Leapmotor vehicles can be collected in Mirafiori.

Alfa Romeo Milan // Source: Alfa Romeo

Journalists of Number point out that Italian law relating to product names is generally instead of being asked for food. But of course the government wants to put some pressure on the group, to show its dissatisfaction with the choice of the Polish factory. At the moment, the company has not made any comments, and it is not known if it can decide change your car name. But this may be something to consider…

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