BMW: The site of a secret cult – in this parking garage the blood of fans boils

BMW: The site of a secret cult – in this parking garage the blood of fans boils

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First generation 3 Series BMW (E21): The Munich automaker has a garage full of vintage gems (example photo). © Pond5 Images/Imago

BMW is one of the most famous car manufacturers. In its hometown of Munich, the brand apparently runs a secret parking garage with vintage cars and other gems.

Munich – There are few brands that evoke such emotions among car fans as BMW. The Bavarian premium manufacturer creates premium models for export and has a history of over 100 years that has produced many iconic designs.

The brand apparently operates a parking garage in a special parking garage near its headquarters in Munich, where its historical roots are gathered in the form of a number of desirable cars. Report from Bild it deals with the “treasure”, which is reported to be secret and where around 1,200 BMW models are kept over four floors.

BMW stores more than a thousand products in demand in the Munich parking garage

BMW’s collection of unique cars includes classic cars, vintage cars, many motorcycles and racing cars that have contributed to the popularity of the manufacturer and the blue and white logo. According to information, more than 150 employees work at the parking garage in Munich, who take care of cars and treat valuables with great care:

Protected from wind and weather and in dry conditions, collector’s items from the past BMW are kept. When asked, Marc Thiesbürger, press spokesman for the BMW Classic division, explains: “We are not a museum here, but a place of storage and, above all, a place of work.”

For many fans, one of the legendary examples of BMW’s past is the iconic M1 sports car:

BMW Group Classic operates another warehouse – which is also open to the public – in Munich at Moosacher Strasse 66.

The famous BMW cars were assembled in a secret location in Munich

There is also a processing workshop on the ground floor of the BMW location, where jewelry pieces are prepared for events and other things. When asked, the spokesperson tells us that there is also an exchange of cars with the BMW Museum or BMW World in Munich. In addition, a committee of knowledgeable experts decides which BMW will be included in the historical collection. For this purpose, auctions, used car ads on car exchanges and private estates are monitored.

Five special BMW cars that are stored in a secret parking garage in Munich:

  • BMW Roadster 507: The most famous representative of this type (driven by Elvis Presley) is in the BMW Museum. An example stored in a garage (built in 1957) is reportedly being sold on car exchanges for at least two million euros.
  • BMW Turbo 1972: Iconic concept car, on the basis of which the legendary BMW M1 appeared six years later – with the same design as a turbo gasoline engine.
  • BMW 2002 turbo: the pioneer of the 3 Series BMW and “Porsche 911 killer” at the time, with an output of 170 hp and a speed of up to 211 km / h.
  • BMW 750iL: 007 movie car from the James Bond movie “Tomorrow Never Dies”. A secret agent drove a Munich 7 Series instead of an Aston Martin, and BMW was delighted with the PR coup.
  • BMW Sauber F1.08: The Formula 1 racing car that won twice in the 2008 Canadian GP (Robert Kubica/Nick Heidfeld).
BMW Group Classic operates another showroom, which is open to the public, in Munich on Moosacher Strasse.
BMW Group Classic operates another showroom, which is open to the public, in Munich on Moosacher Strasse. © BMW AG

Blood can also boil among Mini fans in the BMW parking garage in Munich: On a separate floor in the basement there are a number of representatives of the iconic subsidiary brand – from the times when it was not yet owned by the current parent company. (PF)