Scoop: 5th Generation Mazda MX-5 Gets Ready!

Scoop: 5th Generation Mazda MX-5 Gets Ready!

Mazda has confirmed that it will continue to live up to its ‘good old formula’ luxury car, even in the era of uninterrupted power supply. In other words, a small, light, rear-wheel drive roadster powered by an internal combustion engine.

The current generation, known as ‘ND’ (after NA, NB and NC), launched in 2015 and given a facelift in 2019, should give way to the ‘NE’ around 2024. Mazda still has time to improve the new generation of roadsters its famous. This is not the development model and its final instrument that surprised our spies, but what appears to be a mule installed by the current generation organization.

Wide hips

The next-generation MX-5 is likely to closely approximate the current model’s specs. However, we can guess about the wide back of this mule. The suspension could benefit from a wider track for the next generation.

A little hybrid?

Although it will still have an internal combustion engine under the hood, this future MX-5 could still get a mild electric to help reduce its emissions. Will it be a small 48-volt hybrid? In any case, the chosen solution must be light enough to increase the weight of the MX-5, one of the main points of the recipe since 1989 …

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